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AUSDEX Aus Digital Exchange is an Australian Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers to Exchange Blockchain Assets
●AUSDB Aus Digital Bank; A First Cryptocurrency Bank in The World 

●AUSDMT Aus Digital Money Transfer Allow To Use AUDD Send and Receive Money All Around The World. 
●AUDD Aus Digital Dollar; A TRC-10 Utility Token Based on The TRON Blockchain


IEO Sell ends in:


AUDD Raised
  • Pre-Sale
  • Soft Cap
  • Bonus
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0% target raised
1 AUDD = $0.15 USD
What is AUDD ?

What is AUDD ?

AUDD a TRC-10 utility token based on the TRON Blockchain

AUS Digital Dollar It’s Safe, Easy and Faster to Send Money and Receive All Around the World. AUS digital Bank and AUS Digital Money Transfer Allow to use AUS Digital Dollar (AUDD) BY Send and Receive Money. Also, In the Future, You Can Use Online Shopping, Pay Your Bill. AUS Digital Dollar Will Bring More and More to The Future....

Token Sale Finances Breakdown

Project Development (50%)

The (50%) of funds will be to continue development of the protocol, automated governance and key value-add services.

Marketing & Communication Costs

Marketing to, consulting with and assisting developers, businesses and government agencies to build DApps on top of the protocol.

Technical Development Costs

These costs will mainly be allocated to employee salaries and contractor costs for developing and securing the software.

Event Hosting

To Spread Awareness About AUS Digital Dollar Projects Through Attending or Sponsoring Various Events.

AUDD Team always tried to reserve a fund for Sponsorship.

Exchange Listing (40%)

40% Fount Will use to listing Minimum 10 Exchange Same time (in TOP 50 Exchange)

Office and Indirect Costs

For office space primarily in Australia as well as other employment-related costs.

Accounting & Legal Costs

For work associated with auditing within the jurisdictions, the AUDD team operate in.

Donation (10%)

Australian Digital Dollar Wishes 10% Fount Donate To A ("Make-A-Wish") Foundation. Our Slogan “Make happy and Be Happy”


5th April, 2019
AUS Digital Dollar Found (AUDD)
20TH APRIL, 2019
AUDD Social Media Release.
17TH MAY, 2019
Website, White Paper and Road Map Release.
20th May, 2019
Airdrop Campaigns
  • Q.5 - Partnership
  • Q.6 - Exchange Listing Launchpad (IEO) price 1AUDD =0.15USD
  • 31st December, 2019
    Exchange Listing and 10% IEO sale Fount Will Donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation
    Q.1 / 2020
  • Website Update
  • Androp Wallet Release
  • AUSDB API Registration
  • 1st January, 2020
    Partnership with Australian Local Banks , AUS Digital Bank Testing , Exchange Listing
    Q.3 / 2020
  • AUS Digital Exchange Beta Lunch
  • AUS Digital Bank Grand Open Melbourne
  • AUS Digital Exchange Testing
  • AUSDMT Service Start
  • 1st January, 2021
    Q.1 / 2021
  • AUS Digital Exchange Fully Lunch
  • Exchange Listing
  • AUS Digital Online Money Transfer Mobile Release
  • 1st April, 2021
  • 50,000,000 AUSD Airdrop For AUSDB Account Holder
  • White Paper Update
  • Q.2 / 2021
    50,000,000 AUSD Donat to Make-A-Wish Foundation
    31st December, 2021
    Q.3 / 2021
  • Partnership
  • Road Map Update
  • Token Distribution

    The (50%) of funds will be to continue development of the protocol, automated governance and key value-add services. The remaining portion will be used to raise awareness about the AUS Digital Dollar Projects developers, businesses and governments in order to promote DApp development.

    Initial Token Distribution

    Initial Token Distribution

    Our Team Member

    AUS Digital Dollar Team Members Are Working Together To Build a Strong Community.

    • UI Designer

      Kunasekar Kobalasingam


      UI Designer

      Zakia Rizzy


      UI Designer

      Sajibe Kanti

      DevOps Engineer

    • UI Designer

      Abu Nurullah

      Digital Marketing Manager

      UI Designer

      Sayemur Rahman

      Web Content Developer

      UI Designer

      Kumaran Vamathevan

      Project Developer

    • UI Designer

      Wadud Adetona

      Project Developer

      UI Designer

      Salaudeen Usman

      Project Developer

      UI Designer


      Marketing Developer


    Meet the Entire Team

    Here, all of our Team Members who are working with us to build a strong and standard community. We going to build a Standard Crypto Based safe and trusted money transfer platform. Where we would like to make high security for our clients and users. Also, our security engineers are working to building new privacy for encrypted our user's personal information (Email, Backup Code, Wallet Address and much more).


    Kuganesan Vasanth
    Karunakaran Mathisekaran
    Legal Advisor & Shareholder Board
    Mary Jane SPARGO
    Community Developer
    Neil Mark
    Community Manager
    Randee Sheyn Cabalse
    Community Developer (Philippines)
    Community Manager (India)
    Coming Soon
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